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Combining Financial and Real Estate Consulting Expertise

Based on our vast experience and knowledge in both finance and real estate industry, Real Design provides investors with a wide variety of solution services. By offering real estate fund products which fit with investor’s allocation strategy in the alternative asset class, we can serve their investment needs while proposing and providing financial solution service to real estate companies to raise capitals for their future growth. We will continue to meet the needs of the market by developing and utilizing leading-edge financial technologies.

Offering New “Design” to Investors and Real Estate Firms

As a focused, independent boutique finance and real estate solution service provider, Real Design offers real estate investment management and development solution services to real estate firms and also gives investors an opportunity to invest in the real estate asset class as a financial product. We do not have a conflict of interests because we are independent. We can offer high-quality finance and real estate services because we are a focused boutique firm. We strive to develop and propose “new design” based upon our “clients first” management philosophy.

Promising High Ethical Standards and Sustainability

Real Design makes its profits through real estate related businesses, but we believe that we can earn sustainable profits only when we contribute to a society. Every single employee of Real Design possesses high ethical standards and is strictly required to comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.

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