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Company Name Real Design Corporation (RDC)
Address 1-5 Tomihisa-cho Shinjuku-ward Tokyo
Shareholders Hiroshi Watanabe and others
Telephone +81-3-6384-2450
Facsimile +81-50-3588-1904
Established July 4, 2008
Capital ¥60,000,000
Director Chairman Yoshikatsu Makino
President and CEO Hiroshi Watanabe
Auditor Minoru Tanaka (Certified Public Accountant)
Adviser Hitoshi Mikuni
Business Line Structuring real estate fund and Conducting asset management
Development and project management Advising on equity and debt financing of real estate development and investment
Restructuring company and conducting M&A advisory business
License and Registration Financial Instruments and Exchange Low No.2160 Director of Kanto Financial Bureau Registration
Real Estate Brokerage Business No.(2)89973, Governor of Tokyo
Real Estate Investment Advisory Business MLIT No.1320
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