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Representative Greetings

We, Real Design Corporation, provides real estate investment advisory services to investors. The word “REAL” in our company name implies “truth” and “integrity,” and the word “DESIGN” refers to “plan”? and “create.” In providing real estate investment advisory services, we strive to earn the trust of our clients based on integrity and through proposing creative investment solutions.

Generally, real estate investment is expected to generate higher returns compared to other financial products. However, it also involves real estate specific risks which are not apparent to non-professionals. Indirect form of real estate investments, such as commingled fund interest and REIT, incorporates additional risks associated with the specific investment scheme and vehicle. On behalf of investors, we clearly define each risk of real estate investment and propose an investment strategy which fits in best with each client’s investment goal.

The expertise of our seasoned investment professionals encompasses both finance and real estate fields, and we will help our clients invest in real estate, directly and indirectly, just like in general financial products and provide best solutions.

At Real Design Corporation, we endeavor to earn your trust and become your best investment advisor. We appreciate your continuous guidance and support and attention to us.

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